Lowry’s offers a wide range of services from 24 hour emergency fueling to farm equipment installation by one of our California Contractors. Let us know how we can better serve you!

Fuel & Lubricants:  24 Hour emergency fueling, farm, commercial, generator, wet hosing, and truck & trailer delivery, route and keep-full bulk fuel and lubricant delivery

Cardlock Services:  CFN/Fleetwide cardlock locations with site locators online and an app available for iphones and android smart phones

Equipment Installations and Repair Services:  Bulk fuel and oil system installations and maintenance, set-up and haul off maintenance solutions, testing and permitting for equipment

Enironmental Services:  Hazardous Material Business Plans & Assistance (HMBP), Spill Prevention Control & Countermeausre Plans (SPCC), used waste oil pick-up, spill & site clean up, environmental compliance assistance, bulk plant leak testing and maintenance, environmental consulting, AST vapor recovery installs, test and repairs

Miscellaneous Services:  Bill consolidation, extended credit lines, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and other payment programs