George W. Lowry, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Mobil lubricants and JAX food-grade products, as well as a member of CFN.  For more information on any of the brands we carry, click on the name and it will take you to the appropriate link.

Fuels: All grades of gasoline, on and off road Diesel, Bio-Fuels

Lubricants:  Full line of Mobil lubricants and JAX food-grade products, Highway Pro, Kluber Specialty Lubricants, Industrial, Commercial and Automotive lubricants

Chemicals & Coolants:  Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), ExxonMobil Des Case Breathers, Stanadyne Fuel Additives, industrial coolants, Tomorrow Chemicals, alcohols and industrial chemicals, EPA approved solvents & parts washers, fuel stabilizers, algaecides, kerosene and solvents

Equipment:  GRACO lubrication equipment, Mosier Brothers Tanks (UL142 & UL2085), National Spenser Lube & Fuel Equipment, meters, pumps, dispensers, hoses, nozzles, petroleum handling equipment, tank charts, measuring sticks, fuel and lubricant storage, above ground lube and fuel storage tanks, camlocks, valves, fittings, off-road trap-wagons, drums, buckets and container supplies

Hazardous Waste Recycling & Cleanup: Environmental safety supplies, equipment, absorbents, spill kits, spill containment, booms and pads

Oil & Fuel Analysis:  ExxonMobil Oil Analysis with Signum, ExxonMobil Plant Surveys, Herguth LabsSampling Programs

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